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7th September Sibbertoft Spares weekend 2008 , a weekend full of bring-and-buy, trade stands selling spares, driving the off road course & camping

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4X4 & Off Road Adventures-Land Rover & 4x4 Owners

Sibbertoft Sundays Pay & Play Days
are run for those people who like to drive all types of 4x4’s , who own modified Land Rovers & other 4x4 vehicles, who love off-roading, green-laning, 4x4 competition & of course finding the limits of what we can do in our vehicles. O-G-X is the internet home of “Sibbertoft Sundays” a regular 4x4 get together, on a small but perfectly formed off road site in the Leicestershire countryside. We pride ourselves on being one of the friendliest groups of off-roaders in the country.


Rules is Rules

and we do have some when you are with us on site, if these are not followed we may not let you enter the site, we may ask you to leave at any point during the day and / or refrain from driving.

Driving off-road is very dangerous and should not be taken for granted at any time, parts of the off road course are very technical. Please read the waiver on arrival, listen to the Marshalls during the day, follow their instruction if you are requested to do so, no matter how petty it may us we all instruct, we know the site better than you do, we have seen it, been there, done it, recovered stuck vehicles properly.

At the end of the day it is ALL for your safety and well-being we impose our rules on to all drivers. We want you to have the most amount of enjoyment possible during your time with us, watch you return home at the end of the day with everything and everyone intact.

Some of the main points to note prior to leaving your driveway:

Everyone in a vehicle requires a seatbelt to be worn at all times.

Securely stow all items OR leave them at home, we may ask you to remove them.

We recommend appropriate recovery equipment.

Bring some tools, WD40, gaffer tape & enough fuel

We forbid the consumption/use of alcohol or drugs on site & recommend no consumption


Event Dates - Click Here

Sibbertoft video clips -click here

Fast track entry - print & complete the Waiver of Liability Agreement

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